Trailside Bicycle Park

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The Trailside Bicycle Park is located on the Weiser River Trail in the town of Council, Idaho. This convenient park offers tent camping, showers and a quiet place to relax for the next days ride.

Council town center is located less than a mile away and offers groceries, banking and a post office among other amenities.

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Bikes & Equipment

Trailside Bicycle Park offers front-suspension mountain bikes, comfort bikes, kids bikes, covered child trailers and trail-a-bikes for rent.  All our rental bikes come packed with an emergency tire repair kit, water bottle holder and a helmet.  
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Bike Rentals

  • $15 - 1-4 hours
  • $20 - All day
  • $5 - 12 & under (all day)
  • $10 - Child trailer or trail-a-bike rental


You've come a long way. Pitch your tent with us and relax.

(All fees include taxes and a shower.)
  • $10 - 1 person
  • $15 - 2 people
  • $20 - Family (2 adults + children)

We have a self-service bike repair stand and tools for your use.

We have what you want at the end of a long day on the trail

(all fees include taxes)
  • $5 - Shower
  • $1.50 - Laundry per load

Safe and courteous shuttle from Cambridge to New Meadows.

(all fees include taxes)
  • $20 (2 adult bike minimum)
  • $30 - Fee w/ bike rental
  • $10 - Children 12 & under
  • $15 - Shuttle fee w/ bike rental
  • $20 - Shuttle fee w/ child trailer or trail-a-bike rental
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